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We house the best Chartered Accountants, Management Consultants, Fixed Assets Management and Revaluation Experts, Accountancy Tutors and Tax Experts. Affiliated to PrimeGlobal, an association of independent accounting firms. The Consultancy was incorporated in 1984 as a Sole Proprietorship until August 2013 when it was converted into a Partnership and is registered with the European Commission [ Registration Number E081]

What We Do


We are IFRS implementation experts, offering professional financial services for businesses and individuals including procurement and forensic auditing.

Tax Services

We offer tax planning and consulting services for businesses in a variety of industries ranging from telecommunications, hospitality, engineering and agriculture.


Our team of experts, leveraging over 10 years of experience, provide business and financial advisory services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner.

Asset Management & Revaluation

Our experts will take the stress out of revaluation and asset management to help you conserve the value of your assets and get value for your money.

Audit And Assurance Services

You can trust us to provide a fair and ethical audit report of your business and recommend possible fillers for the loopholes in your business.

Corporate And Individual Training

We provide corporate and group trainings on accounting, taxation, how to file your taxes, auditing procedures, asset management and more.

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Our Team Of Experts

Eddie Nikoi

Chartered Accountant

Managing Partner (1983)

Emmanuel Nii-Ashie Nikoi

Chartered Accountant

Partner (2007)

Akwete Akita

Chartered Accountant

Active Member (1983)

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